The Healing Powers of Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is now widely used in treating simple conditions like an upset stomach, but cancer patients are carefully working on adding it to their diet with the advice from their physician. (Photo Credits)
Chaga tea is now widely used in treating simple conditions like an upset stomach, but cancer patients are carefully working on adding it to their diet with the advice from their physician. (Photo Credits)

Inonotus Obliquus, or Chaga is a famous mushroom that usually grows on birch trees in colder climates throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Many people have said tha chaga doesn’t like a mushroom at all but looks can be pretty deceiving because this special mushroom provides a number of health benefits to serious health conditions.

Hundreds of years ago, chaga was unknown to the Western world until Russian author and Nobe laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote a book about Cancer Ward where the protagonist is cured of cancer with the help of the superfood chaga mushroom. People then started wanting to know where to buy organic chaga tea for cancer treatment, or even the mushroom itself so they can make their home remedy easily anytime they need to.

The Healing from Home Remedies said that chaga is much more than just a folk medicine, but it is also a known treatment for tuberculosis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stomach problems, viral infections, cancer and recently, HIV infection.

Suprising Health Benefits of Drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea

One is advisable to consult their doctor before trying on a medicinal plant, especially if they have a serious condition and is taking some drugs along with it. Doctors are well aware of organic chaga tea health benefits and side effects so they may inform patients if it is a proper herbal supplement, or not.

Chaga has been studied for a number of its health benefits, but it still lacks sufficient proof to act as a medicine itself. But studies have shown that it greatly supports the immune system because of the abundance of beta-D-glucans. It also acts as a natural Biological Response Modifier (BRM) for activating the immune cells whenever necessary, and has been promising in fighting off the early stages of cancer.

Furthermore, it also has soothing properties, helps treat ulcer and gastritis, and greatly helps the elderly in normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Its antioxidant property has been attributed to a number of components like polysaccharides, phytosterols, melanin, betulin and betulinic acid, SODs and many more. These are all reported by the Global Healing Center.

Possible Side Effects

Too much consumption or consuming without prescription can lead to unwanted effects that may harm one’s health. Some studies have known that chaga mushroom can cause bleeding risk if taken with anticoagulant medications like aspirin and warfarin. It may also cause hypoglycemia if it interacts with insulin for diabetic patients. The Live Strong mentioned that chaga tea and mushroom still lacks sufficient clinical trial for the FDA to assess it safety in treating and preventing serious medical conditions.

Healthy Chaga Tea Recipe

Many people asked how to make a healthy chaga tea recipe and they should know that it is very easy and can be done at the comfort of their home. They can use fresh or dried chaga from the tree and break it into smaller chunks. Drop a handful of chunks into a liter of water and bring it to boil in a pot. Strain the mixture to remove the solids from the drink and it is ready to serve. Honey or maple syrup may be added for additional sweetness. Tinctures may be available in the market and simply added in a pot of water then bring to boil for about 5 to 10 minutes.

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