Hibiscus Tea – The Easiest Remedy To Stay Healthy

Hibiscus tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea made from the flowers of the Hibiscus sabdariffa or from the sepals of “Roselle” plant. The benefits of hibiscus tea have been well known in traditional medicines for centuries, and science is increasingly providing support for this age-old wisdom. From lowering blood pressure to its impressive antioxidant capabilities to providing support for pregnant women, the benefits of hibiscus tea are enticing people all around the world to try this aromatic, delicious, healthful flower tea.

Health Benefits of Organic Hibiscus Tea

Lowers Blood Pressure

Hibiscus Tea

The benefits of hibiscus tea are enticing people all around the world to try this aromatic, delicious, healthful flower tea. (Photo Credits

Numerous human studies have indicated that hibiscus tea can significantly lower blood pressure. The sabdariffa extract of Hibiscus has been compared to the drug captopril, and was found to be equally effective. Also, a 2004 study has validated that a daily cup of Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels with very minimal side effects.

Immune Against Pregnancy

Hibiscus tea delivers some potential benefits to pregnant women. The flower tea is said to be in high in antioxidants, especially flavonoids. These special compounds helps fighting damage of the cells that may lead to degeneration and disease in the body. Consuming a significant level of antioxidants helps strengthen the immune system and keeps the mother and baby healthy and strong.

Weight Management

Previously, we studied about how antioxidants prevent damage in our bodies — which means that antioxidant is not just beneficial for pregnant women, but also helps with weight loss management. Drinking hibiscus tea every day is a very simple way to add antioxidants to your diet. Check out how hibiscus tea helps in weight loss.

Decreases Cholesterol Diabetes

The herbal tea is quite an effective choice for people with high cholesterol and diabetes, who usually tend to be at increased risk for high blood pressure. Studies have proven that consuming about two cups of hibiscus tea every day helps diabetics lower their blood pressure levels. Furthermore, they provide even more benefits by improving the levels of cholesterol. The flower tea, according to a research, shows that it can increase “the good” (HDL) and decrease “the bad” (LDL) in diabetics patients. More info on how hibiscus tea lowers blood cholesterol.

How To Make Hibiscus Flower Tea?

The key to making a cup of hibiscus tea is to find a strength to your liking.
Bring water (48 ounces) to boil, turn off heat, add three tablespoons of hibiscus flowers and two cinnamon sticks in the boiling water. Cover and steep for ten to twenty minutes.
Pour the tea into the container you desire, add 1/8 cup of sugar to it, an orange slice and serve over ice. You can also garnish every cup of glass with a lemon slice. Find out where to buy hibiscus flower tea.

Video on How to Prepare a Healthy Hibiscus Tea

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