What You Ought to Know About Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon grass tea is one of the simple and excellent teas that exist. It has got a smooth taste and a zesty experience with details on green woods and cut grass, the finish of lemon grass tea is very refreshing and clean thus a great relaxer that can be used in the evening after a couple of events during the day. Furthermore, it also acts as iced tea on summer days and as free caffeine uplift. It is a wonderful tea that comes in small packs and familiarizing with it makes people make it a must-have in their kitchen cabinets.

Lemon Grass Tea

It is a refreshing beverage that gives one the urge to drink more and more of it. (Photo Credits)

Preparation of Lemon Grass Tea

Making lemon grass tea for oneself is a simple task that should not be a hindrance. First, one has to find two stalks of lemon grass, the roots of the first stalk are cut off, and all the dry outer leaves removed. Thereafter, tie the second stalk into a knot and dip it in the cup with sweeteners and cinnamon if one uses them. Pour hot water and lastly add lime juice if necessary to add taste and serve it while hot not forgetting a lemon grass stirrer. Find out how to make healthy lemon grass tea recipe.

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon grass has got positive impacts on one’s health. They largely help in digestion and also help patients with high blood pressure. It is a refreshing beverage that gives one the urge to drink more and more of it. For people living in warm climate areas, planting the lemon grass on their own can also work since lemon grass does well in such climatic conditions. More info on health benefits of lemon grass tea.

Lemon grass tea also helps fight cancer. One of lemon grass component called citral ensures the healthy cells are not damaged and the cancer cells protected by apoptosis. In a simple description, it kills the cancer cells. While undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, people are encouraged to drink lemon grass tea. Furthermore, there are various properties of antioxidant in lemon grass that are responsible for lowering the risk of cancer by working against the free radicals. In addition to this, lemon grass tea reduces the level on arthritis pain because it has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties responsible for helping this out. Drinking lemon grass tea doesn’t just refresh you but also cleanses your body, promoting proper functioning of all organs. It also has a number of benefits that can help in weight loss. See lemon grass tea bags benefits on weight loss.


To put the matter to rest, as the name implies, lemon grass tea is a delightful and lemony flavored beverage that has great taste that people want. Lemon grass tea acts as a reminder that several elements are looking up.

Video on How To Grow Lemon Grass Tea

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