Preparation, Facts, Effects and Health Benefits of Damiana Tea

History is evident of the use of organic Damiana tea as it has numerous health benefits. In the ancient times, it was used as one of the drugs. This tea is endemic to places like Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America. In the recent times, organic damiana tea is being used for improving sexual health among other things. Here’s article describing about the health benefits of organic damiana tea.

Benefits of Organic Damiana Tea

Organic damiana tea enhances libido and fertility in both men and women. Increasing libido is determined by the level of arousal. The tea helps building up the stamina that both men and women need to be aroused sexually. Increase of libido and arousal are directly linked to flow of blood in your body. Some of the researches prove the fact that the herb helps in bringing oxygen to the genitals of both the sexes. With increasing libido, the herb is also responsible for increasing potency in both men and women.

Damiana Tea

History is evident of the use of organic Damiana tea as it has numerous health benefits. (Photo Credits)

Stress Suppressant

Most of the times, people suffer from depression because of the sexual reasons. Damiana tea will not only improve your sexual health but also it will help you get rid of the nervousness and stress that you nurture. This is why the tea is known as a very good mood enhancer.

Helps in Digestion

Most of the people these days have constipation which is related to digestion problems. This tea works as an agent to help your body in proper digestion. You will no more have digestion or constipation problems after using this tea.

Can Help you Lose Some Weights From Your Body

It is known that the tea is a digestive agent. This leads you to have clear intestine. Once you get your food habits in control with perfect digestion, your weight-loss regime will just be cakewalk.

How to Prepare Damiana Tea?

First of all you need to decide whether you want raw tea or sweetened tea. Basing on that you will need the ingredients. If you want to make sweet tea then you need honey as an extra ingredient. Here are the steps for making the tea.

Step#1: Bring 4gs of the tea extract

Step#2: Put the extract in a container containing water and boil the same.

You can also boil only water if you want.

Step#3: Let the water boil for an hour. Then you need to pour that in cup. If you wish to mix honey in the tea, then it is fine.

You can also boil only water at first and then put the boiled water on the container containing the tea extracts. By doing so also you have to wait for half an hour.

Video on How Damiana Tea Aids in Fertility

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