Senna Leaf Tea – The Best Remedy for Constipation and Weight Loss 

Senna is a herb whose leaves are commonly used as a laxative. Senna Leaf Tea, which is extracted from Senna leaves, is used to treat constipation and its painful effects, promote bowel movement and weight loss. This tea is available for purchase online through a variety of health food suppliers. It can also be prepared at home.

How to Make Senna Leaf Tea

Senna Leaf Tea is easier to prepare. A common preparation procedure involves boiling 100 grams of the Senna tea leaves and 5 grams of sliced fresh ginger in distilled water. Cover the boiling mixture for 10 minutes. Mix the boiling content and continue boiling for additional 5 minutes. Always prepare amount needed to drink, as the tea becomes stronger and bitter if it is left to stand and can lead to stomach discomfort or abdominal cramping.

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Senna leaf tea is brewed using pods of the plant, the tea is believed to contain laxative properties. (Photo Credits)

Health Benefits of Senna leaf tea

  • Relieve constipation and its painful effects
  • Bowel stimulation
  • Promoting weight loss

Effects on Weight loss

When properly administered, Senna leaf tea can greatly promote weight loss. The tea’s purging action can help cleanse large intestines and the colon thus reducing the amount of waste dumped in the body. Senna leaf tea also has diuretic properties which promote the elimination of excess fluids and water from the body thus promoting rapid weight loss.

Effects on Constipation

Senna leaves contain considerable amounts of glycosides. When Senna leaf tea is administered properly, glycosides are released into the intestines where they induce intestinal contractions and promote the smoothening of the intestinal wall.

These activities lead to bowel stimulation thus pushing of fecal wastes through more quickly. Besides stimulating the muscles of the colon, Glycosides also help the colon to absorb water that softens the stool. Users will expect a bowel movement and relieve of constipation within six to 10 hours of use. More info on the benefits of senna tea for constipation.

Laxative Properties

Senna leaves have been used for many years as a laxative. The herb contains several chemicals called Sennosides. These chemicals work to irritate the lining of the bowel, causing a laxative effect. Since Senna leaf tea is brewed using pods of the plant, the tea is believed to contain laxative properties. Read more about senna laxative tea.


Before you consider using Senna leaf tea as a remedy for constipation, make sure you are drinking enough water and consuming enough fiber every day. Senna may cause some side effects to some classes of individuals. If you are nursing or pregnant, consult with your healthcare professional before using the tea. Find out what are the side effects of senna tea.

Video on Senna Herb Tea Health Benefits & Side Effects

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