Reasons Why Valerian Root Tea is Good for You

The use of valerian root was traced back to as early as thousands of years ago with enough proof till the second century. However, its medicinal way of use have been constantly changing over time, treating one illness to another.

Valerian has been widely growing in Europe, North America, and Asia .It became a popular mild sedative in the ancient times for thousands of years since the Romans, Indians, Greeks and Chinese use it frequently.

Valerian root tea provides ease of insomnia, anxiety, headache, high blood pressure, and depression, which has been proven safe to be taken in appropriate amounts. (Photo Credits)

Valerian root tea provides ease of insomnia, anxiety, headache, high blood pressure, and depression, which has been proven safe to be taken in appropriate amounts. (Photo Credits)

Studies from the University of Maryland Medical Center, as reported by the Live Strong, proved that valerian root is generally safe when taken as directed and in prescribed amounts. But before adding valerian root to your diet, it is much better to consult with a qualified medical practitioner to know if valerian root tea will be good for your health.

Medicinal Use of Valerian Root

One of the earliest use of valerian root is to treat sleeping problems and anxiety. A lot of people had and are still suffering from insomnia – and valerian root has been widely proven effective to treat this illness because it contains a specific chemical that has a sedative effect. However, researchers are still debating as to how the mechanism for sleep aid works. Some experts from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center say that a chemical compound called valepotriates is responsible for the sedative effect while some theorized that the breakdown of the compound forming byproducts that release the sleepiness effect.

Some people seeking for herbal medication for anxiety are recommended to take valerian root. Studies have shown that some chemicals in plant bind safely to the receptors in the brain resulting in relaxation.

Valerian root tea for sleep and anxiety may work for some people, but these are serious illnesses that require medical consultation first, advised by the MedLine. Read more info on valerian root tea for sleep.

Other Valerian Tea High Health Benefits

Aside from being popular as insomnia and anxiety remedy, it also helps treat indigestion, irritability, hysteria, tension, panic attacks, depression, muscle cramps and reduces high blood pressure. Another popular use is its diuretic property so people who are trying to shred off some calories include it in their diet.

Another medical use is for menstrual symptoms. Women with menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea and pain are advised to drink a cup or two during their cycle. Because of this, valerian root tea and pregnancy is not a good match since it may induce abortion even though that still needs to be supported by scientific research, as mentioned by the Herbal Teas Online. See more valerian root tea benefits.

Valerian Root Tea Recipe

A simple recipe can be made with a teaspoon full of dried or fresh valerian roots boiled with 170 millimeters of water for 10 minutes. The mixture will be strained to remove roots and addition of milk, lemon, honey or other sweeteners will give a different flavor to the tasty drink. Learn more on how to make a healthy valerian root tea recipe.

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