Thyme Tea: The Herbal Drink with Diverse Use

Thymus vulgaris, or commonly known as Thyme is one of the ancient herbs famous for its ornamental, medicinal and culinary uses. The oldest use of Thyme was traced to the Egyptian period when they use the herb as an ingredient for embalming dead bodies. Greek people prefer to use thyme as an additive to their hot bath, said the Medical News Today.

Thyme has a variety of uses in terms of helping in treating different kinds of illness and protecting the body from infection (Photo Credits)

Thyme has a variety of uses in terms of helping in treating different kinds of illness and protecting the body from infection (Photo Credits)

A report by A Modern Herbal said that a 1931 study by Maud Grieve reported Romans using thyme in processing cheese and alcoholic drinks. While another study quoted Hippocrates for saying the thyme is one of the culinary herbs they grow and eat in the countryside, and even use it for treating respiratory illnesses back in the days. These reports make thyme tea health benefits really promising for the modern day. Learn how thyme tea bags can slow aging.

Thyme for the Kitchen

Soups and stews will taste even more fabulous with thyme’s essential oils mixed with it. Chefs will testify that thyme brings out the best flavor in meat and poultry meals. Aside from its mouth-watering goodness, eating thyme with your meals can provide mental, physical, and emotional relaxation leaving the whole system energized.

“He who drinks a cup of thyme tea instead of coffee in the morning will soon feel the beneficial effect: enlivened spirits, great comfort in the stomach, no coughing in the morning and an overall well-being,” stated Abbess Hildegard von Bingen in Natural News. Find out how to make thyme tea recipe for upset stomach.

Thyme for the Health: Health Benefits of Drinking Thyme Herbal Tea

Thyme is known for its pleasant taste and smell, and behind that is a substance called thymol which is a potential antioxidant. Thyme tea health benefits have been continuously growing since researchers keep finding new things about thyme. A lot of its flavonoid components like luteolin, naringenin and thymonin have been used in many treatments.

Cough and colds can be very frustrating since no medicine can easily make it go away. But the next time you catch, a cup of thyme tea would be the best beverage to drink. A study from the University of Maryland Medical Center reported in Live Strong says that thyme can aid in treating bronchitis and coughs. The German Commission E already approved the use of thyme for drug preparation. Some drinkers suggest lemon thyme tea for cough and colds since it tastes and works like wonder.

Furthermore, it relieves indigestion, helps kill bacteria that cause acne, and reduces the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Aside from thyme tea, thyme essential oil can be added to your regular bath for soothing and relaxing feel while enjoying the warm water.

Video on How to Make Thyme Tea Using Fresh or Dried Thyme


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