The Wonders of Organic Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), also called Tulsi, has been widely used in the ancient times dating to as far as 3000 years ago. The herb was termed “sacred” in the Rig Veda some time in 1500 BC making people celebrate it in the Purana, and highly appreciated and accounted for its Ayurvedic medicine – because it has organic holy basil tea health benefits.

Tulsi is unlike any regular basil that is added to marinade sauces and food ingredient. Holy basil is native to Southeast Asia, as mentioned by Dr. Axe. this herb has been used for its medical properties for centuries which have been proven to treat different kinds of ailments. Holy basil is believed to be the cure for cleansing the body.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Holy Basil Tea

A study about holy basil has been reported by the Health Line saying that it was confirmed to have therapeutic value and its “health promoting qualities is sure to bear rich fruit.” But this 2010 study fail to conduct the test on humans because all results mainly came from animal samples.

Tulsi is usually taken as a tea. It claims to provide treatment for a number illnesses.

Holy Basil Tea

Tulsi, or holy basil, has made its way to providing significant developments in the field of herbal medicine especially since it is easily taken as a tea which provides a number of amazing health benefits. (Photo Credit)

First, it heals wounds easily. This claim may seem to be supernatural but scientific studies showed that it has a chemical component that hastens wound healing.

Second, it fights off bacteria. Bacterial infections have been a growing problem worldwide. And holy basil has been found to have some sort of antibiotic properties that fight off these deadly bacteria.

Third, lowers risk of diabetes. People with diabetes need to control and manage their diet wisely. Experts suggest that they should know how to make holy basil tea recipe since it would be a good addition to help control their blood sugar levels. However, it is advisable to talk to your doctor first prior to using tulsi.

Fourth, the Medicine Hunter reported several studies have shown that holy basil can significantly decrease the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood so this herb is a really good treatment for the heart especially to those suffering from chronic stress.

Fifth, it lessens the chance of having an ulcer. Tulsi has anti-ulcer properties because it has been known to reduce stomach acid and increase the production of healthy stomach mucus. Find out more about holy basil tea benefits to ulcers.

And sixth, the journal Nutrition and Cancer published a study discussing the promising cancer-killing power of tulsi with its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Consequently, it protects the patient from having pain, stress, fever and protects important organs like the liver. People who take holy basil are found to be less likely to develop cancer cells throughout their lifetime.

Holy Basil Tea Recipe and Health Benefits


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