What Makes Saffron Tea Good for You?

Saffron tea was very loved by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for its use in culinary and herbal foods as well as for folk medicinal use. Aside from its promising benefits, it also looks as pleasing as it sounds since it belongs to the lily family, where its flower has a delicate part that houses pollens.

It is extremely difficult to make saffron tea since the bright red stigmas are carefully picked off the plant leaving only the golden stamen on position.

Saffron tea made naturally from saffron threads may be taken iced or hot but its medical properties are best obtained at a higher temperature. Photo Credits

Saffron tea made naturally from saffron threads may be taken iced or hot but its medical properties are best obtained at a higher temperature. Photo Credits

Organic yellow saffron tea benefits have recently gained popularity with more clinical trials being conducted to show its health benefits, according to the author of “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods” Michael Murray N.D. as reported in the Live Strong.

Important Health Benefits of Saffron Tea

Health benefits of saffron tea to depression is one of the most popular since it has been proven to have similar effects as the over-the-counter drugs. The anti-depressant effect of saffron, as discussed in the Health Benefits Times,  goes through the nerves providing some sort of calming effect on the person. Experts say that the best thing is that saffron is a natural herb and regular consumption will not do much harm. In addition, it even provides prevention of depression if taken on a regular basis giving people the ‘happy’ feeling that everyone needs.

Saffron is an aphrodisiac so saffron tea benefits to skin are more on the sexual side of the body making the drinker have increased libido than normal.

The SF Gate reported that a cupful of saffron tea a day could lessen the risk of blindness in the future as a direct interpretation of the article “Saffron: Golden Secret of Clearer Sight”. Scientific studies showed that saffron has special fatty acid content that protects human vision. Clinical trials showed that eye vision of patients with eye issues significantly progress as they regularly drink saffron daily.

Saffron Tea Recipe

People should know how to make saffron tea bags recipe since it is very easy. They first need to purchase saffron tea bags or use loose saffron threads to make a tea. Every bit of saffron is important since it is very expensive. Experts advised that homemade saffron is the best since the quality is much more controlled. Threads will be steeped in room-temperature for iced tea beverages while 180 degrees Fahrenheit is needed to fully activate its aromatic and healthy components. Only a little over one milligram of threads is needed for 8 ounces of water and steep for 10 minutes. It is best to stir the solution before drinking to dissolve all threads in hot water. The tea can last for three days inside the refrigerator.

How to Make Saffron Tea

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